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On Tuesday 8-5-2018 and Wednesday 9-5-2018 the Erasmus+ «AVIOR» delegation visited the premises of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia.

This project seeks to reduce disparities in learning outcomes in basic literacy and numeracy skills between native and non-native primary school children in Europe by:

First, the Regional Director of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia, M. Ananiadis Panagiotis welcomed the members of ΑVIOR.

Afterwards, the Head of Primary Education in the Regional Directorate of Central Macedonia M. Akritidis Nikolaos described thoroughly the humanitarian crisis since 2015 with migrant and refugee flows, which fled to the E.U. by crossing the Mediterranean. He, also, mentioned the procedure followed, in order for refugees to be integrated to the Greek society and education.

Moreover, Ms Staikou Krystallia, Contact Person of XENIOS ZEUS presented the whole team, the Welcome Guide, the Educational Support Material produced by its partners and used in the camps for the past two years and the so far work progress of the programme.

Finally, Mrs Spyropoulou Eleftheria from Diktio Alpha, partner of XENIOS ZEUS, presented the educational support material “Bridges”.

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